Fact Or Fiction.

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Tony Robinson travels around the UK on his quest to discover the real story behind some of the greatest figures in history.

Ep1 – Braveheart.
Tony goes on the trail of William Wallace, the Scottish warrior whose story was told in the film Braveheart. Tracking down the man behind the myth proves difficult, as Tony is led into a complex story of murder, treason and war atrocities very different from the swashbuckling tale known to Mel Gibson fans.

Ep2 – Boudica.
Famous for her long red hair, her chariot with blades on its wheels and her fight for justice and independence over the brutal Romans, Tony goes in search of the first iron lady of Britain – Boudica.

Ep3 – King Harold.
Revealing the real story behind the last great Anglo Saxon king. Far from being just the loser at the Battle of Hastings, Harold was a charismatic leader who, but for a cruel twist of fate, would be regarded today as a national hero. It was after all, Harold that led the English into battle at Stamford Bridge and brought an end to the Viking invasions.

Ep4 – Robin Hood.
There are few legends more famous than that of Robin Hood, the dispossessed nobleman hiding out in Sherwood Forest at the time of Richard the Lionheart.