James May’s Things You Need To Know.

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James May goes on an intriguing journey to answer the big questions in life as he investigates the universe, the human body and the weather.

Ep1of3 – The Human Body.
Do you ever stop to contemplate the wonder of your body? Well, neither had James May – until he realised that his body was by far the most impressive vehicle he was ever going to own. James has decided to ask the Big Questions: How did I get my Granny’s chin? Why do I catch colds? Why am I hung over? An what will we look like a thousand years from now? To find the answers he’ll be plunging him into an exciting, entertaining and sometimes down right bizarre world of motion graphics. The answers are packed with facts that will surprise, amaze and entertain you – and make you look at your body in a whole new light.

Ep2of3 – The Universe
Have you ever looked up into the night sky and wondered about some of those big questions, like where did it all begin, how do stars work, or what is Madonna doing in space? Well even if you haven’t, James May has, and he invites you to join him in a journey of discovery across the universe. To get to the bottom of everything from white dwarfs to black holes, James plunges into an exciting, entertaining and sometimes bizarre world of animation and motion graphics. The answers he discovers are packed full of fascinating facts and amazing science.

Ep3of3 – The Weather
Do you ever look up at the sky and wonder why it’s blue? Or what a cloud is? Or how you can avoid being hit by lightning? In this programme James May asks the big questions about the weather. To find the answers he is swept up in a storm of exciting, entertaining and sometimes downright bizarre motion graphics. The answers he comes out with are packed with facts that will surprise, amaze and entertain.